People Forced to Work from Home Because of Coronavirus Share Funny Photos of their Pet Dogs ‘Working with Them’

High-flying canine: Stella the pug has commandeered its owners laptop during a homeworking session

If the coronavirus has tipped the lives of much of the world upside down, imagine what it’s like for pets, who are quickly becoming used to seeing much more of their homeworking owners than they’re used to.

The Instagram account @Dogsworkingfromhome features pooches interfering – in the cutest of ways – with their owners’ attempts at productive homeworking.

The page, set up by brand manager Mark Polchleb, from Melbourne, said having his own pets, Billie and Ollie, at his feet during self-isolation inspired him to ask others to share snaps of how their doting pooches are reacting to their presence.

Working on the old Apple yap! A gorgeous biscuit-coloured dog, named Orlando, is among the many submissions to new Instagram account #dogsworkingfromhome
High-flying canine: Stella the pug has commandeered its owners laptop during a homeworking session
Mini Australian Shepherd Max looks like a proper academic as he gets to grip with a large book
Flowers, check, coffee, check, cosy cushions, check! Harley is ready to work…

There’s only one rule to those wanting to submit their own photos – the dogs have to be shown in a home setting and can’t be pictured being taken out for walkies.

And, social media hasn’t disappointed, with one snap showing a bespectacled pooch tackling a hefty tome, and two doting golden retrievers staring intently at their owner at work.

Polchleb, who has a separate Insta account to document the lives of the two canines he shares with his husband, told the Guardian: ‘I just took advantage of the fact that my dogs are at my feet. I thought ‘we all need a bit of happiness in our lives right now.’

Mark Polchleb, from Melbourne, set up the account after experiencing the inquisitive nature of his own pets, Billie and Ollie, when they see him working from home
Technical woes! This dog, Rexie, looks perplexed as he scans the screen of his owner’s laptop
Tess and Angus get the message; this is now an office, not a pet playground
Not impressed: This satin-coated dog casts a cold, hard stare at its owners after being interrupted
Distraction! These two golden retrievers, Maggie at the front and Frida at the back, make it known they’re enjoying a little company during the day

After asking owners to contribute their own snaps of how their pets react to them beavering away at a laptop, Polchleb says he was ‘inundated’ with responses and now has hundreds of adorable photographs to post online.

He said that anyone who owns a dog has probably experienced their inquisitiveness at their owner homeworking, saying: ‘I think we’ve all experienced trying to type on the keyboard with the dog edging its head into your hands.’

One such submission includes a short video, shared by @hazelnuttini, mother to seven rescue dogs, that shows her fluffy offspring, named Lucky, Tonic, Kim Tan, Flubby, Pugsley, Ginny and Maria, causing merry chaos in her home.

SOURCE: Daily Mail, Jo Tweedy