Trans World Radio Launches Special Coronavirus Programming

Image courtesy Prachatai/pikxabay/flickr/cc.

The outbreak of the new Coronavirus in Iran seems to be piling more problems on the sanction-ridden nation.

As if to demonstrate the vulnerability of the elite, the virus ran rampant through the government branches, sickening top-level leaders and about 8% of the Parliament. The government dispatched crews to clean and disinfect public transportation and gathering places. They closed schools and canceled Friday prayers in some cities, as well as many public gatherings.

Fighting paranoia and chaos

However, misinformation, paired with disinformation, aggravated the outbreak in its more preventable early stages. Now, everyone is scrambling for supplies, for direction, for truth. Trans World Radio’s President and CEO Lauren Libby says that as the crisis unfolded, the team asked, “As believers in Christ, how do we respond to a pandemic like this?”

He details their response. “I can tell you that we will be putting it into Farsi because we broadcast into Iran and in other countries in the Middle East and, you know, throughout Southeast Asia and even here in the US.” (The name of the program changes with the language into which it is translated.)

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SOURCE; Mission Network News, R.B. Klama


  • Pray that the body of Christ rises up to meet the challenge.
  • Pray courage and wisdom for the underground Church in Iran.
  • Pray for quick response and that hearts respond to the seeds of the Gospel.