3 Cases of Coronavirus Confirmed in Frisco, Texas


There are now three confirmed cases of the new coronavirus in Collin County, health officials confirmed Tuesday.

The updated number includes the original case of a Frisco man, his wife and their 3-year-old child, Collin County Judge Chris Hill said. Test results for two other children in the family came back negative.

A retest of a fourth child came back Wednesday as negative for COVID-19, county officials said.

The man had been in the Silicon Valley area last week on a business trip and presumably had come into contact with someone carrying the COVID-19 virus, Hill said in a Monday news conference. The man noticed he was feeling ill after arriving home and was not contagious while on the airplane.

Hill says the man returned at the end of February and began experiencing symptoms the last day of February and the first days of March.

“He got back and developed a cough and other flu-like symptoms. Did exactly what we would coach our citizens across the county to do: talked to his doctor, got tested for the flu, got tested for Coronavirus and once it was confirmed took immediate steps to isolate himself,” Hill said.

Tests done by the Collin County Health Department confirmed the man contracted COVID-19, so did his wife and their three-year-old child.

The three patients are self-quarantined at home with mild symptoms, Hill said.

The man’s three other children were also tested, as was a family friend.

The friend and two children’s tests all came back negative.

However, a third child who attends Tadlock Elementary School received an “inconclusive” result and is being tested again.

Results for the child’s test should be in the next 48 hours, according to Hill, who stresses even if the test comes back “positive” the child in question stayed home when they would’ve been contagious.

Hill is not releasing information as far as what locations the man visited before being diagnosed.

“I don’t know that we have information that is helpful to the community about where he’s been,” Hill said.

But the judge does say the family did not attend mass gatherings recently and had contact with 17 to 20 people, mostly the man’s family and some of his co-workers at an undisclosed location.

Those co-workers have been contacted and advised to monitor their health for two weeks.

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Source: NBC DFW