Study Questions View That Nazareth Inscription Has Connection to Tomb of Jesus

A study by Oklahoma University and Harvard University has challenged the view of some scholars that the ancient marble tablet known as the Nazareth Inscription had been installed in the region in response to the empty tomb of Jesus, as well as the claim by some others that it indicates that His disciples stole His body from the tomb.

“The Nazareth Inscription has no connection with Jesus Christ or early Christianity,” the researchers wrote in the Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports, according to The Sunday Times.

The researchers claim that the marble is from the Greek island of Kos and the inscription was ordered by Caesar Augustus, decades before Christ, in response to an event described in an ancient poem in which the people of Kos broke into the tomb of the tyrant-ruler in the 30s BC, Nikias, and desecrated his corpse, according to Associates for Biblical Research.

The study suggests that Wilhelm Froehner, the man who purchased the Nazareth Inscription and died leaving a note saying that it was “sent from Nazareth,” was misled about the provenance of the stone in an effort to get more money for the artifact.

The Inscription, kept in the National Library of France in Paris, carries an edict of an unnamed Roman emperor saying no one is allowed to open tombs and the act is punishable by death.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Anugrah Kumar