Bethel Church Suspends ‘Faith Healing’ Ministry at Local Hospitals Amid Coronavirus Outbreak in California

Students from Bethel Church’s School of Supernatural Ministry. | Facebook/Bethel Church

Bethel Church, the controversial megachurch in Redding, California, that also runs a school of supernatural ministry, suspended their “faith healing” ministry at local hospitals where they are known to lay hands on the sick, due to the new coronavirus.

“Though we believe in a God who actively heals today, students are not being encouraged to visit healthcare settings at this time, and moreover, are taught that even under normal circumstances, they must receive permission from both the facility and the individual before engaging in prayer,” Aaron Tesauro, a church spokesman, told The Sacramento Bee.

A feature of the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry is to help students learn how to heal the sick as well as cast out demons.

“The Good News without power is not good news. Paul was glad that his preaching wasn’t with persuasive words but demonstrations of power (I Cor. 2). One of our goals is that every student would know how to cast out demons, heal the sick, and preach the Gospel,” the school’s website says.

The suspension of the church’s faith-healing work at hospitals has come in the wake of increased panic over the rapid growth of the new coronavirus infections and death around the globe.

The number of confirmed U.S. cases of the virus rose past 1,000 and the national death toll stood at 28. Globally some 4,369 people have already died from the virus that has infected more than 121,000. Just over half of those infected have recovered, according to data from the Johns Hopkins University Centre for Systems Science and Engineering.

An unidentified Redding woman told The Sacramento Bee on Saturday that on Jan. 31, two Bethel students approached her in the emergency room at Mercy Medical Center in Redding and said “they would pray over the people there and put Jesus in their hearts and this would heal us all and we didn’t need to stay at the ER and could go home.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Leonardo Blair