Adam and Carla Greenway Discuss ‘Divinely Ordained’ Courtship and Marriage at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

FORT WORTH, Texas (BP) — “Marriage is the greatest return on investment you could ever get, but you have to be very intentional,” said Adam W. Greenway, president of The Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, at the Feb. 24 “Sweetheart Banquet,” hosted by Metochai.

Derived from the Greek word meaning “partners,” Metochai is an organization that seeks to prepare student wives to be partners in ministry with their husbands. The Sweetheart Banquet is an annual opportunity for husbands to accompany their wives to the organization’s monthly meetings, and this year, they had a question-and-answer session with Greenway, who recently celebrated his first anniversary as SWBTS president, and his wife, Carla.

SWBTS dean of women Terri Stovall said the wives had been eager to learn more about the Greenways’ courtship, marriage, and personal lives. The couple met while attending SWBTS.

“They have been where you are now,” Stovall said, introducing the Greenways.

The Greenways were asked why they initially decided to attend Southwestern Seminary. Carla Greenway, a native of Georgia, said a professor recommended the seminary to her when she was an undergraduate student at Shorter University in Rome, Ga. “I wanted to prepare for ministry,” she said.

Adam Greenway said he had been drawn to ministry at age 16 and decided that “you needed to go as far as you can go in education.” He first attended Samford University in Birmingham, Ala. When his college pastor brought him to his first Southern Baptist Convention annual meeting in 1997 in Dallas, he attended a luncheon on the Southwestern Seminary campus, and he knew he would extend his education here. God’s direction was not an “audible voice,” he said. “But it was obvious that I would be coming here.”

“The circumstances by which she and I met were providential,” Greenway said, adding that he accompanied a friend on a hospital visit and wound up talking with a woman who thought that he and Carla might “hit it off.”

Mutual friends invited them both to an Easter lunch, and they talked at length, learning that they had similarities.

“It was divinely ordained,” he said.

Carla Greenway recalls her first impression: “Wow, this guy can carry on a conversation.” She says she could tell he was called to serve God “and had a purpose, had a goal.”

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Source: Baptist Press