WATCH: Smart Older Dog Uses a Pink Chew Toy to Distract a Golden Retriever Puppy So he Can Get his Favourite Tennis Ball Back

Koda has recently been joined by Kaia at their home in Australia. Owner Emma Barnett, 28, said the interaction ‘melted my heart’

A crafty dog managed to reclaim his favourite tennis ball by using a pink chew toy to distract an eight-week-old puppy.

Adorable footage shows Koda, three, a Belgian Malinois, drop the toy at the paws of golden retriever puppy Kaia before grabbing back his ball.

Owner Emma Barnett, 28, who lives with the dogs in Townsville, North Queensland, Australia, said Koda knew the youngster would need the toy to help with teething.

The clip begins with Kaia clasping the tennis ball in both paws as an anxious Koda circles and tries to pat the toy out from underneath her.

Unable to watch the ball being chewed, Koda then proposes a trade the puppy cannot refuse.

The owner can be heard laughing in the background and is seen petting Koda after he successfully makes the swap.

Ms Barnett said: ‘Koda is so smart, he just traded with Kaia so he could get his ball back.

‘Kaia had a puppy teething Kong that was nearby that Koda knows he’s not supposed to chew on so he went over and got her toy and placed it in front of her.

‘He’s such a smart dog so it was no surprise to me that he knew just how to handle the situation to get what he wanted!

‘Belgian Malinois are so intelligent, I can’t wait to see Kaia grow up with him and learn from him.

‘Kaia is forever stealing Koda’s toys. But he’s a good big brother and knows how to share. Lucky for him, she’s still too little to jump up on the bed or the couch so he can jump up and take his toy with him if she’s being a thief!

‘It melted my heart seeing him be so gentle and thoughtful.’

The heartwarming video was filmed on February 15.

SOURCE: Daily Mail, Luke Andrews