8 Things That Keep Young People in Church

Unsplash/Ben Duchac

It’s no secret that many college-age students who were raised in church drop out once they’re on their own. On the other hand, some churches have done a good job of keeping and reaching this group. Here’s what I see that keeps young people in church:

  1. Genuine relationships. First, they have strong relationships with others their own age. Second, they have a ministry leader they respect and from whom they want to learn. Third—and perhaps most importantly—they have relationship with older adults. Young people long for older mentors and models, and the church that offers these relationships will be a magnet for young people.
  2. Deep theology. This generation isn’t interested in watered-down, weak theology. They’re especially not interested in churches that ignore theology. Rather, they want to think deeply and discuss theology with others who can help them think through their positions.
  3. Hands-on opportunities. Christian service, to this group, means much more than just attending church and putting dollars in the offering plate; it means actually ministering somehow to make a difference in somebody’s life. If young people can’t get their hands dirty in taking the gospel to hurting people, they’re not inclined to get on board.
  4. Meaningful purpose. This generation can be selfish, but they can also be more interested in causes than other generations. Whether the issue is poverty, human trafficking, addiction, or any number of causes, young people want to take on issues bigger than themselves.

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Source: Church Leaders