WATCH: Sweet Moment Puppy Puts his Paw Around Kitten as Pair Gaze Out of Garden Window

The adorable pair captured looking out the backyard window and watching the birds outside in the footage captured last Thursday

This is the heartwarming moment a beagle puppy joins its feline friend on lookout as the pair gaze out of the garden window together.

The five-month-old pooch, Bo, is filmed jumping on the sofa before taking a seat next to the black cat, Jasper.

Lisa Plummer from North Liberty, Indiana, captured the sweet footage last Thursday.

The adorable video shows the beagle climbing up to join Jasper, before cuddling up and resting a paw on the cat’s back.

The pair then look out the window into the backyard together, watching the birds outside.

Ms Plummer posted the video on Facebook, captioning it: ‘Bo loves his cat siblings so much – but they literally drive me crazy with their constant chaos.

‘This sweet moment melted my heart and made me want to take back all the bad things I’ve said about them.’

Social media users reacted to the footage, with one posting: ‘That is the cutest thing!!’

Another said: ‘You take the birds, I’ll get the squirrels.’

A third added: ‘You and me Buddy. We’re going to run this town.’

A fourth joked: ‘Kitty: I’ll allow it’.

Ms Plummer told ViralHog: ‘I was super excited to catch this beautiful bonding moment of two animals showing love for one another.

‘It needs to be shared with the world. I want people to remember to slow down, live and love in the moment with who you are with.’

SOURCE: Daily Mail, Katie Weston