Pastor’s Wife Recovering After Husband Shot Her and Then Killed Himself

NBC 15 is learning new details about an attempted murder, suicide last week.

Mobile Police confirm 44-year-old Ulysses Woodard shot himself after shooting and injuring his wife in a church parking lot on Halls Mill Rd.

“She was our speaker, and she was absolutely incredible,” said Pastor Derek Gandy.

Alisha Woodard, whose picture we aren’t showing, is recovering tonight after police say her husband Ulysses Woodard shot her in the the True Cornerstone Church parking lot.

“She still needs a lot of prayer. She is in pain, but her faith is still strong,” said Kula Gandy.

True Cornerstone Church Pastor Derek Gandy and his wife Kula say after the service, Woodard allegedly got into an argument with his wife. Things escalated, and they say Woodard pulled out a gun and shot her.

“By the time we got over here and was over her, she was looking up and she was calling on Jesus,” said Gandy.

Woodard then took police on a chase before shooting himself and crashing into the church. MPD says officers fired a couple of shots back into the car.

“The car went right into the door. All of that was destroyed, and it was just rubber burning. I thought the church was on fire,” said Gandy.

Now, True Cornerstone Church members are working together to repair its building after worship turned into chaos.

“We are replacing the outside walls, inside walls, cleaning up the mess as a result of the crash,” said Gandy.

Pastor Gandy says Woodard was the pastor at True Word of Deliverance Church of God in Prichard, and he’s shocked by what happened.

He says children and other church-goers witnessed the entire situation and are seeking counseling.

“We are doing fine because we have been busy. I am most concerned about my daughters,” he said.

Pastor Gandy says while the church is strong in faith, they need help recovering as well and are calling for prayers.

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Source: NBC15