Online Evangelism Group to Present Gospel to 2 Billionth Person by June 2020

Global Media Outreach—the leader in online evangelism—is on pace to top 2 billion gospel presentations worldwide by June 2020.

Founded in 2004, the internet ministry pioneer has touched lives in every country on earth, presenting the Gospel an average of 350,000 times a day and seeing 223 million decisions for Christ to date.

“In the early days of the worldwide web, these questions came to me, ‘What if we could put God’s Word on the internet?'” said Global Media Outreach Founder and Chairman Walt Wilson, who was on Apple’s MacIntosh development team. “What if we could meet people at their point of need? What if we could bring them to Calvary’s cross and then disciple them?’ Clearly, as we surpass 2 billion people hearing the Gospel, the answer is, with God making it possible, this is what can happen!”

Global Media Outreach employs emerging technology created for business to reach people through social media; email; online advertisements; voice technology and a proprietary, secure messaging system. As individuals respond to the Gospel online, they receive support to grow in their faith and are connected to the Christian community.

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SOURCE: Charisma News