Michael Brown on It Was Drag Queens Dancing for Little Children That Got My Attention in 2004


It’s tragic and perverse enough that drag queens reading to toddlers is now a national and international craze. But a new video takes thing even further, as a scantily-clad drag queen dances suggestively in front of a little girl seated in a chair. Even worse, the adults in the room seem delighted with this act of public child abuse. Yet it is this identical scenario that helped motivate me to take a stand back in 2004.

Prior to 2004, gay activism was not a major focus of my ministry. Not in preaching. Or teaching. Or writing.

Check out every one of my books written prior to that year, and you will find a few references to homosexual activism scattered between them. Add all those references up together, and I doubt it would even amount to a full page.

Or listen to the thousands of messages I preached prior to that year, dating all the way to back to 1973. LGB activism (there was very little “T” activism back then) was hardly on my radar.

But things changed in 2004.

While I was speaking in England in the spring of that year, some of my ministry colleagues were invited to share the gospel in the midst of a gay pride event in Charlotte, North Carolina. (Our ministry relocated there in the late summer of 2003.)

They were shocked by what they encountered. It was as if the world was turned upside down.

Lesbian cops held hands as they walked through the park, which was located right in the heart of the city. And if you were wearing a Jesus T-shirt or carrying a Bible, you were asked to leave.

We’re not talking about being asked to leave for intimidating the pride participants. We’re not talking about several people surrounding an individual and harassing that person. We’re not even talking about allegations of rudeness.

Simply sharing the Gospel was forbidden. Or carrying a Bible. Or wearing a gospel-based T-shirt.

But there was something even more disturbing.

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SOURCE: Charisma News