Michael Brown on From ‘Obama Will Pay My Mortgage’ to ‘Bernie Will Pay My Tuition’

President Obama walks down the Collonade of the White House with Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders ahead of their meeting Thursday morning.
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Do you remember Peggy Joseph? She was the young voter who heard candidate Barack Obama speak in 2008 then said on camera, “I won’t have to worry about puttin’ gas in my car, I won’t have to worry about payin’ my mortgage.”

By 2013, Joseph’s tone had turned dramatically.

She was asked by filmmaker Joel Gilbert, “Did Obama pay for your mortgage and did he pay for your gas?”

She responded with a laugh: “Absolutely not! Mortgage got worse and gas prices got higher … At that time we needed a change but a change for the better not the worse.”

In her mind, President Obama was similar to the Wizard of Oz. Said Joseph, “I started getting a little more educated about politics, I started reading more. I learned never to trust the Wizard, it’s within ourselves.”

Of course, Barack Obama never promised to pay our mortgage and put gas in our tanks. It was just the feeling you could get when he painted a picture of how America would look under his leadership.

On the other hand, he did promise universal healthcare.

And there were the “free cell phone” claims that added to some of the mythology.

And Obama’s policies did trigger numerous articles over the years, with titles such as:

Other articles, however, strongly dismissed such accusations, mocking the idea that Obama was anything close to a socialist (see here and here).

In fact, Rich Rubino, writing in the Huffington Post in April 2013 in an article titled, “Barack Obama: A Socialist He Is Definitely Not,” said this: “Critics of Barack Obama often label him as a socialist, a term of derision in American politics. Socialism is viewed by many Americans as an extreme brand of liberalism. Accordingly, as a political tactic, Republicans try to tether Democrats to this label, just as Democrats try their best, equally unfairly, to tether Republicans to the most extreme forms of conservatism.”

But today, “socialist” is not a term of derision used only by enemies of the Democratic party. It is a term of honor used by the Democratic presidential frontrunner, Bernie Sanders.

It is a term of pride. A calling-card. A foundational campaign philosophy.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Michael Brown