J. Lee Grady on Please Pray for India’s Suffering Christians

Christians in India want the government to speak out against religious persecution. (Reuters)

India welcomed President Trump in style this week, complete with traditional dancers, floral garlands, a tour of the famed Taj Mahal and a formal state dinner at the presidential palace in New Delhi. But the biggest moment was a huge afternoon rally on Feb. 24 at the world’s largest cricket stadium in the city of Ahmedabad. The crowd of 110,000 cheering supporters was the largest live audience of Trump’s career so far.

With giant screens showing images of Trump and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the rally was designed to foster friendship between India and the United States. And President Trump poured on the love, calling Modi “a tremendously successful leader.” After Modi officially welcomed Trump to “the biggest democracy in the world,” Trump used the words “democratic,” “peaceful” and “tolerant” to describe India.

I understand how diplomacy works. It’s a slow dance. World leaders have to say a lot of nice things to each other before they can get down to serious business. But I hope at some point during our president’s 36-hour visit, he told Prime Minister Modi that Americans know about India’s horrific abuse of religious freedom.

Because when it comes to the persecution of Christians, India has one of the worst records in the world.

In an interview after the official India visit, Trump told The New York Times that he did raise the issue of religious freedom in his talks with Modi. “We did talk about religious freedom, and I will say that the prime minister was incredible on what he told me. He wants people to have religious freedom, and very strongly,” Trump said.

I hope that’s true. But If Modi truly wants to enforce religious freedom in India, he will meet with a storm of resistance from his own political allies. The people who elected him are willing to burn churches and kill Christians—as well as Muslims—to create a Hindu state.

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SOURCE: Charisma News