Suspect in Multiple Detroit-Area Killings Dies After Shooting Himself

DETROIT – A career-criminal-turned-informant who police say killed six people in a crime spree that ended with him shooting himself in the head has died.

Detroit police said Kenyel Brown died Friday, four days after officers chased him down in a backyark in suburban Oak Park, where Brown had hopped fences to elude officers before ultimately turning a gun on himself.

Officers heard a single gunshot, which ended their massive manhunt for Brown, whom police had linked to six deaths in six weeks. Police said the killings, which happened in January and February, were not random and involved drugs, money or both.

Brown also was wanted for two carjackings in Detroit, which occurred 19 minutes apart on Feb. 21. The next day, the crime spree ended with a sixth person killed.

Brown’s case has triggered controversy and finger-pointing as he allegedly carried out these crimes weeks after a federal judge released him back into society following a probation violation, rather than locking him back up.

The same day U.S. District Judge Bernard Friedman set Brown free and ended his supervised release Oct. 29 – a move that was requested by a federal law enforcement agency – the ex-convict was hired as an informant for a Detroit police and Drug Enforcement Administration task force.

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Source: USA Today