14 Percent of Patients Who Recover from Coronavirus Test Positive Again

China has discovered that roughly 14% of patients who recover from coronavirus test positive for the killer disease again – with the mechanism behind the virus’ apparent ability to re-infect a complete mystery.

This comes after Japan reported that a female tour-bus guide aged in her 40s had tested positive for the COVID-19 virus for a second time in Osaka.

Normally, when you overcome a virus you gain immunity for a while afterwards which is why it is so rare for children to get chickenpox twice.

The statistics from China came from reports from hospitals in Guangdong province.

A positive test means the “recovered” patients may still be carrying the virus, straitstimes.com reports.

Currently, scientists do not know why it happens and whether these patients could still be infectious, said Song Tie, deputy director of the Guangdong Centre of Disease Control and Prevention.

It is thought that the patients may still be fighting-off lung infections and are not yet completely healthy, Song added.

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SOURCE: Daily Star, Sofie Jackson