Senegal Missionary Finds Faith through Personal Struggles and Shares the Gospel of Jesus Christ with his People

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Ibrahima D.’s comfortable life turned tragic one night, but he now knows what he couldn’t have imagined then: God’s hope shines even brighter in the darkness.

In the primarily Muslim country of Senegal, Ibrahima works with Every Home for Christ and World Missionary Press to share the faith he found with his people.

An Answered Prayer

In one night, Ibrahima D.’s whole life came crashing down. His family enjoyed their life in Mauritania, a country in West Africa, where his father worked for the government. However, tensions erupted one night in 1989, forcing the family to flee back to their native country of Senegal.

“My family was forced to leave Mauritania and settle in Senegal in desperate conditions,” Ibrahima remembers.

His family’s condition continued to worsen in their home country. His father didn’t have a job, so many of his mother’s relatives believed she should divorce him if he couldn’t find a way to provide for his family. With money so tight, Ibrahima wasn’t even able to attend school. Though he grew up in a Muslim home, Ibrahima turned to God for help.

“As my family situation worsened, I prayed to God, asking that if He would deliver my family from their troubles and potential break-up, then I would testify that He is the only true God and follow Him whatever the cost,” he says. “The Lord answered my prayer.”

Soon after his prayer, Ibrahima’s father found a new job, and his mother decided not to go through with the divorce.

“Since then, my only desire has been to announce Salvation in Jesus to all Senegalese,” he says.

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