City of Bixby in Oklahoma Considers Shutting Down Transformation Church for Making Too Much Noise

Transformation Church in the city of Bixby in Tulsa, Okla. | Facebook/Transformation Church

Transformation Church, a popular congregation which recently relocated to facilities in the city of Bixby in Tulsa, Oklahoma, could soon be shut down if they can’t keep the joyful noise they have been making to the Lord from bothering their neighbors.

The church has been given 32 noise violation citations since it moved to its new location in Bixby in recent months, according to ABC News affiliate KTUL, but city officials think they might have to take more drastic measures to get the church to quiet down.

Phil Frazier, the city’s attorney, said they are looking at three different ways to fix the problem, including the drastic step of shutting down the church, led by pastor Michael Todd, or make a deal that would appease the community.

“You read the books of Matthew and Romans, it talks about loving your neighbor and your neighbor right and that’s what we’re asking them to do,” Frazier said in an earlier report.

The Christian Post reached out to Transformation Church for comment Thursday and a representative said the church would not be issuing any public comment at this time.

Last August, pastor Todd announced that Transformation Church had purchased the building in Bixby which formerly housed Spirit Bank. Todd said the move was driven by a vision he got from God a few years ago and that with favor and faith, the promise finally came to pass.

According to KTUL, even when the building was named the Spirit Bank Event Center in the late 2000s, there were many complaints about noise from it as well.

“When that noise comes on and you have a cup of coffee sitting on a counter in a neighbor’s house, the water starts doing like this, it’s that much vibration,” said Frazier.

He told KTUL that the building is a big part of the problem, and noted that it was “unfortunate that the church had bought such a terrible building.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Leonardo Blair