Five Things the Democratic Party Must Do If They Want to Regain Support of Pro-Life Voters

Pro-life and pro-choice demonstrators hold up signs outside of the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington, D.C. during the March for Life on Jan. 24. 2020. | The Christian Post

Pro-life Democratic voters are warning the party and leading candidates that they must moderate their positions on abortion if they hope to have any chance of regaining ground lost to Republicans in recent years. 

Activists affiliated with Democrats for Life of America held a press conference in Charleston ahead of the state’s primary to voice their disgust with the Democratic candidates’ stances on abortion as nearly all of them oppose bans on late-term abortion and safety regulations on the abortion industry.

Democrats for Life Executive Director Kristen Day said that in her 18-year career, right now is the most extreme she has ever seen the Democratic Party on abortion.

Since 2010, she warned, Democrats have lost their political advantages in southern states, including Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana that have all flipped from blue to red.

In 2010, she said, Democrats had control of both houses of state legislatures and the governorships of 27 states. Today, that number is 15.

“During that time period, the Democratic Party moved away from ‘safe, legal and rare’ to today, [supporting] abortion up to nine months for any reason,” Day explained, adding that all of the Democratic presidential candidates who were on the debate stage Tuesday night support taxpayer funding of abortion, late-term abortions and “any type of reasonable regulations for health and safety during an abortion.”

“This is a truly extreme policy embraced by only 13 percent of South Carolina voters,” she noted. “The fact that the Democratic Party thinks they can win back South Carolina from Donald Trump by embracing a policy supported by only 13 percent of the voters is crazy. It’s even crazier that the Democratic Party leans on black voters and the black church for support but refuses to respect their deeply held values on life.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Samuel Smith