Khristi Adams Explains Why Black Girls Feel Unseen in Society and in the Church in New Book “Parable of the Brown Girl”

Khristi Adams, Christian author of Parable of the Brown Girl, recalls being called names in school and struggling to fit in when the public schools she went to were under 5% black.

“The first time I was called the ‘n’ word on the playground, I was in second grade,” Adams says. “I was just playing, and I saw two boys and I just wanted to play, so I went over and this one boy was playing with me, and then the other one was like, ‘Don’t play with her. We don’t play with “n word.”‘ But when you’re a kid and you haven’t processed things or read books or had conversations, you are confused.”

Adams says she’s not the only one who has had this experience—or similar ones—as a little girl. In fact, in her book, she unpacks how black girls often feel unseen and unheard in society, including in the church.

“[These negative experiences] start to accumulate and build up over time,” she says. “And that translates into self-doubt, self-hatred, and then as you get older, you have to unlearn those things. You might go through a process of being angry. … They might be angry processing things for years that they heard—negative messages about themselves, about their hair, their skin complexion.”

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SOURCE: Charisma News, Kendra Semmen