Airports Warn of Chaos With Looming Real ID License Deadline

The nation’s airports are warning of chaos for passengers if the White House doesn’t postpone the looming Real ID deadline.

The law requires airline passengers to present a Real ID-compliant driver’s license or ID card at Transportation Security Administration checkpoints in airports as of Oct. 1. Those licenses require more proof of identification than regular licenses and are generally marked with a star on the top.

But while states have already issued 95 million Real IDs, that represents just 34 percent of the total, leaving two-thirds of the country with about seven months to get them if they hope to use a license to board a plane.

Without a Real ID, airline passengers will be required to present a passport, military ID or Global Entry card to pass through security, even for domestic flights.

The Airports Council International-North America, which represents the nation’s airports, warned that thousands of passengers could be denied boarding and left stranded.

ACI-NA President and CEO Kevin Burke told NBC News that “this is a crisis waiting to happen.”

“If the government doesn’t make a definitive statement now that they’re going to extend this, then we’re going to have a real crisis on our hands come Oct. 1,” he said.

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Source: NBC News