Sammy Tippit Ministries’ New WhatsApp Program Providing Christian Fellowship for Thousands

Courtesy of Sammy Tippit Minitries

Sammy Tippit Ministries’ new WhatsApp program creates a space for Christians around the world to connect with each other.

Christians can be isolated from one another. Some countries have a scarcity of believers, and some Christians live in hard-to-reach areas. That is why Sammy Tippit Ministries has now launched its WhatsApp program to connect believers from all over the world.

So far, 650 distinct small groups have formed across 46 countries. Sammy Tippit estimates there are 30 to 60 people in each group. “We’re off to a great start. And we’re very excited about [being] able to reach many, many thousands of people, tens of thousands of people around the world with the Gospel, and also not only reach them but disciple them after they come to Christ.”

Where are they?

The project is allowing Sammy Tippit Ministries to disciple people that wouldn’t otherwise have been reached. One new Christian in Afghanistan has received training in Christ after the leader of his church was martyred. Another group in China meets digitally together every morning, sharing prayer requests and Scripture.

Ground zero for this ministry? Brazil. Already, over 2000 pastors in that country have signed up to be a part of this program. At a recent evangelistic event in Brazil they had a breakout meeting for the event, expecting about 250 Brazilian pastors. Instead, 650 showed up.

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Kevin Zeller


  • Give to Sammy Tippit Ministries to help cover their translation costs.
  • Pray that the Gospel of the risen Christ would spread throughout the world as a result of this WhatsApp program.
  • Consider joining a small group on WhatsApp to connect with other believers.