There’s a Devil Loose: Filipino Mother Who Filmed Herself Hitting and Dragging Her Daughter Before Sending It to Her Ex-Husband to Punish Him is Arrested in United Arab Emirates


A mother who allegedly filmed herself hitting her daughter and dragging her by the hair to punish her former husband has been arrested in the United Arab Emirates.

The woman, from the Philippines, posted videos of her torturing the little girl on social media to torment her Emirati former husband after they split up, according to reports.

She was arrested in Abu Dhabi, the country’s capital, after the videos were reported to police by social media users and the daughter’s father.

The mother, from the Philippines, posted the videos of her torturing her daughter on social media to get back at her husband, it is alleged. She was arrested in Abu Dhabi, UAE
The mother was shown hitting the little girl (left) and dragging her by the hair (right)

The woman is said to be married to another man but had custody of the child from a former marriage.

One harrowing clip shows the child crying and backing away from her mother before being struck, and then holding up her hands to defend herself.

In another clip, the mother drags her daughter across the floor by her hair.

She uploaded the videos to social media to get back at her Emerati husband after they divorced, it is alleged. The woman is married to a different man. (Pictured: Girl being dragged across the floor by her hair)
The little girl pictured being dragged down the stairs. In this clip, it appears that the mother is holding her by her legs

And in a third clip, shown on a local news site, the mother appears to be dragging her daughter down the stairs by her legs.

Police have told local media that the woman posted the videos to torment her former partner.

In a statement, they said: ‘There is no tolerance for anyone who harms or mistreats children and all necessary measures have to be taken against them in accordance with the UAE law.’

SOURCE: Daily Mail, Luke Andrews