Ravi Zacharias Asks for Prayer as He Undergoes Emergency Spinal Surgery on Feb. 20

Ravi Zacharias asks for prayer as he prepares to undergo emergency spinal repair surgery this Thursday, Feb. 20.

“Dear Friends, Many of you know that I have struggled with serious back issues for years,” Zacharias tweeted. “Recently the pain has intensified and I have battled several flare-ups. This Thursday I will undergo emergency spinal repair surgery and I ask for your prayers.”

In a full statement posted on the Ravi Zacharias International Ministries website, the renowned apologist says he has had serious back issues and has struggled since having two surgeries.

“The Lord brought comfort and strength and gave me eighteen good years after my first surgery,” he wrote. “But over the last year, I have battled several flare-ups, and after my last trip to the Philippines and Sri Lanka, it’s a miracle I got home on my own two feet. A subsequent CAT scan and MRI showed no option but to go into a surgery immediately. It’s time for a serious repair job that will take me off the road for close to eight weeks. The surgeon has said he will have to remove two of the screws that are loose and anchor my fractured sacrum in two places to the pelvis. That’s in lay language, but I have the best of doctors and surgeons who have loved this ministry and want to see me positioned for the distance. The doctor has described it as an emergency, but he is equally confident of success.”

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SOURCE: Charisma News