Avalon Releases “Called”, First Album in 10 Years, Because ‘This World is Desperate for a Savior’

Avalon, one of the most successful Christian music groups, reunited this year to release their first album in 10 years titled, Called, which shares a message about Jesus that the group believes the world desperately needs to hear. 

The group, comprised of Greg and Janna Long, Jody McBrayer and Dani Rocca, announced in October 2018 that they were gearing up for their “next chapter.” The statement revealed that founding member McBrayer would return to the group along with the addition of Rocca. 

The award-winning vocal group, who have been making music since 1995, are excited about this new chapter in their career and shared what they thought has changed since they first began.

“I think there are obviously positive and negative aspects to where the music industry is now. Of course there were positive and negative 10 and 12 years ago too. However, the one thing that stands out for me, more than anything else, is the urgency,” McBrayer told The Christian Post on Monday.

Their new album, Called, released last week, is filled with lyrics loaded with faith and encouragement.

“Now more than ever, what we do is so important because this world is desperate for a Savior. They are desperate for hope. If we have a chance to bring some light and hope to people who are struggling, we have to take that chance,” McBrayer declared.

“One thing I love about where Christian music is right now is that it blatantly points to Jesus,” Greg Long added. “No one loves like Him, no one saves like Him, and there is only one Jesus.”

During their 10 year sabbatical, Greg and Janna Long worked as worship leaders at their home church. Now, they’re excited about getting back on the road and creating new music.

“I feel grateful and humbled by the fact that I still get to do this after all of these years. God continues to be gracious and I am forever grateful. I love these people I get to do life with while getting to do the very thing that I love the most — singing for Christ,” Janna told CP.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Jeannie Law