U.S. Puts Travel Ban on Nigeria Due to Terror Threat; Nigerian Government Refuses to Protect Christians from Slaughter

Boko Haram (Photo courtesy of Open Doors USA)

The U.S. has put a travel ban on Nigeria due to the terror threat of Boko Haram and the lethargy of the Nigerian government to handle it.

The ban is meant to prompt the Nigerian government to upgrade their information-sharing procedures, something it has so far been slow to do. It has also been slow to protect its own Christian citizens.

Violence Towards Christians

Recently, a Nigerian pastor was beheaded by Boko Haram. Read more here.

David Curry of Open Doors USA, says westerners tend to view this persecution in Nigeria episodically, mourning the most tragic events but not understanding the day-to-day persecution of Christians including violence and sexual harassment.

“These are personal things,” Curry says. “These are individuals who have been affected by this. The government, even under great pressure, has not been responsive.”

“So what we have to recognize is Boko Haram is working with impunity, the Nigerian government is not is not effectively combating them, protecting the civil targets . . . like churches, like Christian villages. And it’s meant a massive migration of Christians to the south. and elsewhere, you could have as many as a couple million Christians over the last decade who’ve been forced out of out of the northern part of that country.”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Kevin Zeller


  • Pray that Christ would comfort his suffering people in Nigeria.
  • Ask God to move the Nigerian government to protect its own people, and that peace would come to the country.