Landslide Pulls Two Large Homes Into Rain-Swollen Tennessee River

Two large homes collapsed into the rain-swollen Tennessee River Saturday, and the tumble was proceeded in one case by the eerie sound of cracking, snapping and sparks of electricity, according to a video account.

In an update posted Monday, the Hardin County Fire Department reported the entire street in Savannah, Tenn., was also showing signs of falling into the river.

Only one of the homes on Glendale Road was occupied when the threat of a landslide became imminent, and the department reported the homeowners were evacuated safely.

The first of the two homes collapsed about an hour after they were evacuated, officials said. The department reported that the second two-story home tumbled off the bluff midmorning on Sunday.

The collapsed homes were just 20 feet from Glendale Road, which has been closed as a precaution, the department said in a Facebook post.

A 20-second video shared by the fire department late Saturday showed one of the homes fall into the river in the glare of spotlights. Cracking and snapping boards can be heard, then the multi-storied home’s green walls begin to move, then fall, as power lines send sparks into the night.

“Oh my God,” someone is heard saying in the background.

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SOURCE: Lexington Herald-Leader, Mark Price