Nick Hall on What Happens When an Evangelist Discovers He Doesn’t Love the Bible

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Somewhere around 2012, I came to an inconvenient conclusion: I didn’t love the Bible.

While this might seem normal for most of humanity, it was inconvenient for me, as I was a 30-year-old preacher and evangelist!

Don’t get me wrong, I was in the Bible often to prepare sermons, but I was rarely in it myself. Turning those crinkled pages felt more like a chore than a joy. Even in my times using Bible apps like YouVersion, I found myself drawn more to devotional content than to Scripture.

Two years later, I was in the back of a New York City cab, talking about the Bible with one of my heroes, Francis Chan. I admired him for his passion and conviction, and that day in the cab I felt stirred as he discussed this book that had so evidently marked his life. I found myself longing for God’s presence in the ways he described! That day, Francis shared a dream to see people around the world get in the Bible together.

“So many problems in the church today wouldn’t be there if people just read and fell in love with the Bible for themselves,” he said. “What would happen if we all used our influence to help people experience a Year of the Bible?”

The seeds of #YearOfTheBible were planted that day. The campaign launched this January, and already people have joined in from over 100 countries.

Most of us have been taught to love good communicators and good worship music, but we have never learned to love the Bible for ourselves. In America, there are countless Bibles sitting in hotel drawers and on the shelves in our homes, waiting for someone to be inspired by the power inside.

Imagine what would happen if people around the world looked to God’s Word once again — this is the vision of #YearOfTheBible.

In the days of King Josiah, the Hebrew Scriptures were lost for an entire generation in the temple. Then one day, the king discovered the Word of God. He gathered all the people and read the Scriptures aloud. He was so moved by God’s Word that he immediately renewed Israel’s covenant with God.

When I realized I didn’t love the Bible, I started pleading with God  to help me hear and love His Word. And it changed me. It is changing me. When we let the Bible speak, we discover that the Bible isn’t boring. It’s revolutionary.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Nick Hall