Tauren Wells Talks New Music, Billie Eilish, Preaching at Lakewood, Fatherhood, and Touring With TobyMac

New Album Citizen of Heaven by Tauren Wells Available Now, Jan 2020. | cr8agency

Award-winning Christian artist Tauren Wells says his new music is uniquely a representation of who God made him to be and maintains that, unlike secular music, his songs offer people the hope of Jesus while talking about the difficulties of life. 

Wells released his latest album, Citizen Of Heaven, last week, while he’s out on tour with TobyMac for the Hits Deep Tour. Along with the release of his new music, the multitalented musician has a new role as a preacher at Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas, under pastor Joel Osteen. He also has the honor of being a supporting act for TobyMac on the road.

The following is an edited transcript of Wells’ interview with The Christian Post where he talks about the differences between his music and contemporary Christian music, secular pop music, as well as his goal as a father to raise children who will grow up to have a true relationship with God.

Christian Post: Your music stands out from your CCM peers, how do you describe your unique style?

Wells: Thanks for pointing that out. We are who we are and if we allow ourselves to be who God created us to be, I think we are extremely effective because no one else can be us.

So many of us are chasing this moving target that is the expectations of other people. I’m trying to lay those expectations down and be who God has called me to be. I think there are people out there that enjoy it, that know that I’m not out here trying to be a superstar.

I want to do things with excellence and I want to represent Jesus with my creativity and the tools that we put in my tool bag. So I like coming on a tour and dancing and having the lighting program, like a pop show, and the band smacking and giving people an experience to soak in and enjoy while I turn their eyes from me to Jesus. That’s the hope, that’s the goal.

I think that’s what makes what we do as artists who share our faith differently than other artists. Because if you go to mainstream pop show, what you’re getting is who’s on stage. But my goal is to point people beyond the people on stage and that’s what we hope that we’re doing.

CP:  Pop-star Billie Eilish took home a number of Grammys at this year’s award show, and many people resonate with her music, which is pegged as “dark” as she talks about depression. You have a song on Citizen of Heaven titled “Trenches” that also talks about hard times, but your song takes it another step further. Can you talk a little bit about that?

Wells: I think that’s so good. I think that that’s what God created musicians and songwriters and poets and painters and writers to do, is tap into human emotion and somehow articulate what we’re all feeling, but what we all might not be equipped to talk about or to express.

So it’s a really special thing that we get to do. I think the difference between Billie and me, for instance, is it’s one thing to write about your feelings, it’s another thing to not settle at the level of your feelings. As if that’s all there is to experience. What I do is, I write about how I feel but I also write my response to what those feelings are.

I think what the church has missed a great part is that feelings are OK. That we have permission to feel.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Jeannie Law