Mercy Projects’ End of Year Report

A chaplain leads a Bible study in the prison.

Russian Federation – Mercy Projects partners with and supports several chaplains and pastors in Russia. They are national missionaries in different regions of the country who endure hardship to bring the gospel to orphanages, boarding schools, and prisons for men, women and youth. Here is one of two reports. (- Jeff Thompson, MP President/Founder) Read the full story from the Mercy Projects newsletter at

Report from brother Igor:

Peace to you dear brothers and sisters,

I am sending you my end of year report, and by the grace of God, these days were full of trips to prisons. We visited 18 men’s prisons in the last two months and conducted 5 evangelistic services in the northern Perm territory and beyond. We have also established, together with our local church partners, several Rehab Houses. When men are released, they can come and live together and grow in their faith. Prison authorities have invited us to bring our “Life” course to men who are being released. We instruct and counsel them how to adapt to life after prison, including reconnecting with their families.

With the help of Mercy Projects and sponsors, we could also visit 8 women’s prisons, conduct Bible studies, evangelism and distribute Christmas presents. This remote region is difficult. One must travel two days from Moscow by train. We used sleds to push Bibles and Christmas gifts over the snow. We hold meetings in the prisons and it is voluntary to come. Some prisons give us a meeting room to use. We sing, show films, share our faith, and have conversations with the men and women.

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SOURCE: Assist News