Three People Dead, Several Others Injured After Shootings in Baltimore

Baltimore police are investigating multiple shootings within hours of each other, leaving three people dead.

Three people are dead and several others are recovering from multiple shootings throughout the city.

Police were investigating a double shooting Friday night at the Perkins Homes on Mason Court that left a man dead and a woman injured.

A 41-year-old man was found fatally shot on West Lanvale Street, while another man died at a hospital after he was shot on West Franklin Street, police said.

Within one day, at least seven people were left recovering from gunshot wounds, two of them were shot Saturday afternoon on Vine Street in west Baltimore.

This weekend is a Baltimore Ceasefire weekend. For four weekends out of the year, Baltimore Ceasefire aims to stop gun violence, demanding people put down their weapons at least for the weekend.

“I know we are not changing the outcome of the shootings in the city, but we can spread the voice of peace,” said Sister Ilaria Buolliposi.

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