Pew Report Finds Most Christian Democrats Support Joe Biden While Atheists Are More Likely to Support Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren

Christian members of the Democratic Party are more likely to support former Vice President Joe Biden while atheist and agnostic members prefer either Sens. Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren, according to Pew Research Center.

A report released by Pew’s Fact Tank on Friday found that among Democratic candidates, Biden polled the strongest with Christian respondents.

According to Pew, 36 percent of Protestants, including 37 percent of the subcategory of white evangelicals, picked him as their first choice for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Sanders placed a distant second among Protestants with 13 percent, while Warren, herself a member of the United Methodist Church, had 11 percent support, and Episcopalian Peter Buttigieg had 5 percent, tying former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Biden was also the top choice among his fellow Catholics, with 34 percent of Catholic respondents selecting him as their first choice as the nominee.

By contrast, 18 percent of Catholic respondents chose Sanders, 10 percent chose Warren, 8 percent chose Bloomberg, and 7 percent chose Buttigieg.

Sanders did poll the strongest among religiously unaffiliated respondents, with 28 percent of unaffiliated picking him as their first choice.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Michael Gryboski