WATCH: Grieving Worship Artist Micah Stampley Breaks Down as Bishop T.D. Jakes Prays for him Months After Losing his 15-Year-Old Daughter

Just a few months after his 15-year-old daughter died from a seizure, international worship leader Micah Stampley publicly broke down in front of an audience at a Texas-based mega church.

At Bishop T.D. Jakes’ The Potter’s House of Dallas, following the 48-year-old guest songstress’s worship set, Jakes prayed for Stampley, leaving the grieving father sobbing on his knees.

“We love you. We love your family. We’ve been praying for you,” Jakes directed his comments to Stampley over the microphone immediately after he had completed a powerful medley of songs.

Jakes told him, “We’ve been praying for your family. We love you man. We stand in agreement with you [that] the strength of God envelope your heart even as you serve and you give out to other people, that God would replenish you, and renew your strength, and comfort you, and lift your head. Come here, let me pray for you.”

A visibly emotional Stampley made his way over to the 62-year-old longtime mentor who offered the soloist his first recording contract in 2004, blasting Stampley onto the music scene in a big way.

“I know what it is to serve and be hurting,” said Jakes, hugging his protégé. “I know what it is to give out to other people and need strength myself. I pray that the strength of God would overshadow you, that He would comfort your heart, that He would be the sweet comforter that the Word says He is, and touch you and your wife and your children, and give you peace and power, and victory and strength, and healing and virtue and glory, from the crown of your head to the soles of your feet.”

First Lady Serita Jakes, 64, laid hands on the singer also as he crumbled to the floor overcome by emotion while Bishop Jakes continued interceding. “The strength of the mighty God stand up in you. Hallelujah!” said Jakes. “[May He] bear you up and comfort you, and give you grace, and give you strength, and give you mercy.”

Lady Jakes, who also became emotional during the prayer repeated, “Yes, God,” as Micah bawled on his knees, clenching her clothing. The congregation joined in praying and crying during the simultaneously heartbreaking and moving moment.

Stampley and his wife Heidi, who wed in 1998, have four surviving sons: Brandon, Micah III, Adam and David.

In addition to praying for him, Jakes lauded Stampley for sacrificially giving himself over to ministry despite his personal pain. “That’s commitment,” noted Jakes who also praised Stampley’s remarkable vocal talent.

“Now I see why God gave it to him,” Jakes told the congregation. “He can trust him. Do you know how few people could lose a child and come and sing a song like that while they are grieving?”

On Instagram, Stampley expressed gratitude for the prayers. “The love and compassion I felt oozing from their hearts towards Heidi Stampley and I can not be compared to anything else in the world,” he wrote. “I’m so honored and grateful to be in the life of the Jakes’.”

Watch the touching moment below.

SOURCE: EEW Magazine – Stacy Pearson