Ryan Bomberger on the NFL, Fake Feminism and That Super Bowl Striptease

The NFL clearly has multiple personality disorder. They’re constantly fumbling the opportunity to put forward a consistent message. So many millions of dollars are wasted on incoherent and contradictory advocacy. But it’s just pocket change for a multi-billion-dollar organization.

While Olay featured fully clothed female astronauts in an ad who were reaching for the stars, the NFL paid Shakira and J-Lo to gyrate and simulate a striptease on the Halftime stage floor.

The NFL is touting its official foray into “social justice” with its new Inspire Change initiative. But their version of “social justice” seems to inspire confusion.

And what was more confusing than the insanely mixed message of an NFL that poured money into an anti-sex-trafficking ad campaign in Miami while hosting a halftime show that resembled a strip club?

Super Bowl LIV’s halftime show sadly proved this (judging by all of the praise from mainstream media and from unexpected places/people online): cultural identification is apparently more important than character formation. But Latino culture was not celebrated during the Pepsi Halftime Show; it was exploited. Sorry, J-Lo. Flashing and grabbing your crotch isn’t empowerment, no matter the “culture.”

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Source: Christian Post