Barna Study Finds Nearly 60 Percent of ‘Highly Engaged’ Christian Parents Select Church Based on Children’s Programs

Nearly six in 10 parents who regularly attend church and believe the Bible is the word of God will choose a church chiefly on the programming it offers children.

A report by the Barna Group released last Thursday found that 58 percent of “highly engaged” Christian parents selected children’s programming as “the primary reason they chose their current church.”

“This suggests that, for churches to attract and retain strong Christian households, children’s programming must be a key part of holistic family ministry,” Barna said.

The report noted that when asked if “children’s program is the primary reason for church choice,” 22 percent of respondents who were “highly engaged” said they “strongly agree” while 36 percent said they “somewhat agree.”

By contrast, 24 percent of highly engaged respondents said they “somewhat disagree” with the statement and 18 percent said they “strongly disagree.”

The report also found that 64 percent of married people’s children attend church every week, which was considerably higher than the 51 percent of single parents’ kids.

“For some, the weeklong work and parenting demands of a typical single parent means less time and energy even for a family activity that’s very important to them, such as attending church. For others, it may be a logistical issue having to do with weekend custody,” explained Barna.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Michael Gryboski