Dexter Van Zile on World Council of Churches’ Olav Fykse Tveit is No Wise Man

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Sometime on Thursday night, terrorists in the Gaza Strip launched three rockets into Israel in hopes of killing Israeli civilians who live in Sderot. These would-be murderers almost achieved their goal even though two of the rockets were stopped by Israel’s Iron Dome defense system and a third landed in an empty field.

They almost achieved their goal of killing civilians when an Israeli woman picked up her three-week old baby and ran toward a safe room in her house. As she made her way down the stairs, she tripped.

She tripped.

The poor woman tripped while carrying a three-week old baby and as a result, the infant suffered a head injury. A few inches in either direction, a little bit more force to the fall, the child would have died, on the spot.

Imagine the horror. Imagine the terror.

Fortunately, Israel is a modern country. Israeli doctors — Jewish, Christian and Muslim — will work to provide the care the mother and child need to live healthy and productive lives.

That child, born in Sderot, can flourish and be a blessing to the world. Given what we know about Israel and Israelis, mother and child will, over the long run, choose blessing over trauma and future hope over past resentment.

If the terrorists were, by some miracle of modern technology — or moral imagination — able to watch the scene unfold, they would have a choice to make. Would they cheer that their efforts to terrorize Israeli civilians came to such horrifying fruition?

Or would the remnants of their better selves, which have been so badly undermined by years of indoctrination, rebel — even weakly — at the horror they have inflicted on a young mother and her innocent child? Would they transcend the circumstances of their upbringing and question what they were doing?

The sad fact is that if any of the terrorists on that rocket team did suffer from a pang of conscience at the harm they inflicted on a young mother and her baby, he could say, “Well, at least we have the World Council of Churches on our side.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Dexter Van Zile