Texan Baptists Recognize Baylor University for 175 Years of Christian Higher Education

Texas Baptists Associate Executive Director Craig Christina presents Baylor President Linda Livingstone with a plaque during the Institutional Legacy Day service. Photo by Bonnie Shaw

ANDERSON, Texas (BP) — The Baptist General Convention of Texas (BGCT) used their annual Texas Baptists Institutional Legacy Day to recognize Baylor University for 175 years of exemplary Christian higher education. The recognition, which took place during a worship service at the historic Anderson Baptist Church Jan. 26, honored the faith and commitment of Baylor leadership, both past and present. It also celebrated the partnership between the university and the BGCT.

BGCT associate executive director Craig Christina presented the award to Baylor President Linda Livingstone.

“There are two things that have always inspired Baptists to work together,” Christina said. “And those two things are, first of all, missions and the second cause is education. And in particular theological education. Texas Baptists saw fit 175 years ago to form Baylor University and we are so proud of Baylor University. We’re so proud of who they are and what they do today. They are a place where we can send our future ministers of the Gospel, our future doctors and lawyers, our future people who will work and serve the people of God.”

Baylor University and its counterpoint, University of Mary Hardin-Baylor, were founded in 1845 at Independence, Texas, by Texas Baptists. Together, they were the first Baptist university in Texas and the oldest institutional partner of the Baptist General Convention of Texas.

In 1886, Baylor moved to Waco and merged with Waco University to create present-day Baylor University. Since then, the campus has grown to approximately 1,000 acres and educates over 15,000 students annually. Baylor is the oldest continually operating university in the state.

In recent years, Baylor launched a new academic strategic plan, Illuminate, which focuses on combining a Christian environment, transformative education, high-quality research and nationally honored arts and athletics program to illuminate a future filled with promise, both for the students and for the lives they will impact.

“We feel like it is a privilege for Baylor to continue to grow and develop as an institution, as a significant Christian research university, to help the state of Texas, the country and the world to produce individuals who care deeply about their faith and about making a difference in the world,” Livingstone said.

During the service, worship was led by three students from Baylor’s George W. Truett Theological Seminary.

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Source: Baptist Press