Kobe Bryant Tribute Mural is Vandalized With the Word ‘Rapist’ Just Hours After Being Unveiled in Texas

A mural paying tribute to Kobe Bryant has been vandalized with the word ‘rapist’ just hours after it was unveiled.

The mural, which was painted on a wall in Austin, Texas, was completed on Thursday in the wake of the NBA superstar’s shock death.

Soon after it was completed, someone scrawled the word across it.

A man who went to see the mural tweeted out an image of the vandalism early on Friday.

‘Went pay my respects to Kobe but the mural has already been defaced,’ Rashad tweeted.

The artist, known as Laced and Found, told KVUE that he had already gone to the site to remove the vandalism.

‘I believe everyone has their own beliefs and opinions on various matters. Nonetheless there are ways to go about speaking and voicing personal thoughts,’ he said.

‘This was disrespectful to the Kobe family, the city of Austin, the fans and the artists who put some serious hard work and emotions into the piece. We will continue to fix this piece and prolong it as long as possible for the community to have it as their own.’

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Source: Daily Mail