WATCH: Pat Boone Says He Knows Late Wife of 65 Years is ‘Waiting for Me’ in Heaven and Reveals Warning He Gave to Muhammad Ali

Pat Boone on the red carpet at the 2020 Movieguide Awards in Hollywood, California, on Jan. 24, 2020. | Christian Post

Music icon and outspoken Christian Pat Boone attended the 28th annual Movieguide Awards Friday and shared how his life has changed following the loss of his wife of 65 years.

“Not many people in this crazy business stay married to one person for 65 years, but Shirley went to Heaven ahead of me last year and I’m on my own now,” Boone told The Christian Post while on the red carpet at the popular awards show that celebrates faith and family content.

“But I know where she is,” he declared. “I know she went to that mansion in Heaven, where Jesus said, ‘Where I am that you may be also.’ So she’s there waiting for me and if I knew I was gonna die next Tuesday at 3 o’clock I would say, ‘Great, at 3:01 I’ll be with Shirley again.’”

Shirley Boone died on Jan. 11, 2019, at age 84 while in hospice, surrounded by her family.

“I know she’s more beautiful than ever and I know that my mother and dad and all these people [are there],” Boone told CP. “This is where our faith is so important. When we come to the parting that we all do, we part with people we love. It could be terribly sad or it can be a moment of celebration. For us, it was a time of celebration that Shirley is free of all the discomfort she suffered in her last year or two.”

The legendary singer said his wife is better off in Heaven because she was not getting well and “was in some misery.” Boone said his bride is now waiting for him.

“I believe she’s here. The Bible talks about us being surrounded by great cloud of witnesses. I believe those witnesses include our loved ones and they’re watching us,” he added.

Boone then shared the message he gave to distinguished boxer Muhammad Ali, who was raised in the Christian faith but later converted to Islam shortly before his career took off.

“I told Muhammad Ali this once, when he asked me, ‘How do you stay true to your wife?’ And I said, ‘Because I know I’m surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses. You are too.’ I said, ‘You get in the ring and you fight and you love it because millions of people watch you fight. You go into a hotel room with somebody you’re not supposed to be with and that crowd of witnesses, your loved ones, your parents, your grandparents, they’re saying, Cassius, they’re not calling you Muhammad. You grew up as Cassius Clay and a Christian. They’re saying, Cassius, son, don’t do that. That’s going to ruin your life,’” Boone recalled telling the professional boxer.

“If I were to do that, I would have my own loved ones waiting, saying, ‘Pat, stop, you’re going to ruin your whole life,’” he insisted.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Jeannie Law