Help One Bible Go ‘Twice as Far’ with Forgotten Missionaries International’s New Campaign

Sadaqat holds his treasured copy of the Injil (New Testament) that first riveted him with the good news of God’s unshakeable love through Jesus Christ. (Image courtesy of FMI)

One Bible can reach many, and through the Twice as Far campaign, donations in February will be matched.

One Bible for nine people is the typical estimation made by Forgotten Missionaries International (FMI). While Christians in the West may own several Bibles, Bruce Allen of FMI says in many other parts of the world, “One Bible owns multiple readers.”

And from February 1st though 29th this year, donors to FMI can send twice as many Bibles through the Twice as Far giving campaign. FMI has been significantly blessed with “a $50,000 matching grant for Bibles to be provided to our overseas partners,” Allen says. Any donations given during February to the campaign will be matched by this grant.

The money will go towards both print and digital Bibles in many different languages. “We will be able to provide Bibles in Kenya,” Allen says, “that have just been translated into local languages, which have not been translated before. We’ll be able to provide in many local dialects and languages in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, thousands upon thousands of Bibles, if we get those funds.”

FMI hopes to raise $100,000 during the campaign. With each Bible costing $7 to produce, FMI will be able to send 14,285 Bibles. If each Bible reaches 9 people, then over 128,000 will receive access to Scripture in their own language and have access to the promises of Christ.

Sadaqat’s story

And nine people is not just an estimate. Allen tells the story of Sadaqat, a 60-year-old Muslim man, who encountered an FMI partner and church planter named Adam. Sadaqat was very sad because his father had just died.

Allen says, “In that culture, Pakistani Islamic culture, the bond between father and son is so great and Sadaqat, even as a 60-year-old man, was lamenting the loss of his father and the loss of his love. Death has separated this bond of love.”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Kevin Zeller


  • Give to the Twice as Far campaign this February so that FMI can reach over 128,000 people with God’s word.
  • Pray that many churches and ministries would be involved in Twice as Far.
  • Ask God that the recipients of these Bibles in Africa and Asia would receive the Gospel with joy.