‘Bibles for China’ Continues Work Despite Increased Pressure

Header Image Courtesy of Bibles for China.

As religious pressure continues to grow in China, Bibles for China sees the impact. National partners report that the government is forcing more of a presence in every day activities and worship. Even though Bibles for China operates legally, the increased scrutiny can mean challenges for the Church.

Tightening Restrictions, Continued Work

Even as regulations on religious freedom tighten, Bibles for China hopes to see 11 distributions within the next year.

Kurt Rovenstine, President of Bibles for China says, “And the challenge with that, is that because of some of the, the new presence – I guess, is the best way that I would describe it for our particular ministry – of the government in and around the church, it makes it a little more difficult. We’ve already had to make an adjustment on one of our first distributions because of that presence. That presence is a little more scrutiny.”

That increased scrutiny means that as a non-national organization, Bibles for China has to be a little more careful about what they are doing. They need to rely more on local Chinese partners and step back from certain activities. For instance Bibles for China no longer sends Westerners to local churches when Bibles are presented.

But Rovenstine says this doesn’t change the mission.

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Anna Deckert


  • Pray that God would continue to work in rural China despite increased pressure.
  • Partner with Bibles for China to help them spread the Gospel through local partners.
  • Ask God to give Bibles for China wisdom as they navigate uncertain waters in China.