WATCH: Kathy Lee Gifford Encourages Christians to Study Original Greek and Hebrew Translations of the Bible to Have More ‘Power in Our Lives’

Emmy Award-winning TV host Kathie Lee Gifford attended the 28th annual Movieguide Awards Friday where she shared a message of “truth” for Christians entering a new decade.

While walking the red carpet of the popular awards show that celebrates faith and family content, Gifford spoke about her book, The Rock, The Road, and The Rabbi and the importance of Christians knowing the truth of God’s word.

“We have not been taught the truth. And we wonder why we have no power in our lives. We’re quoting scripture that isn’t true,” she passionately declared.

“If we’re not quoting what it actually says in the Greek, actually says in the Hebrew, then we’re not speaking the word and the word is everything,” she stressed.

In her book, Gifford details what she discovered about the Bible after learning what it says by studying the original Greek and Hebrew translations combined with having the opportunity to tour biblical sites in Israel which she describes as “life-changing.”

While on the red carpet at the historic Avalon Theater she shared the Hebrew word for this decade and what it means.

“This decade in the Hebrew is the decade of the pay, the mouth, it’s a breakthrough decade,” Gifford declared.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Jeannie Law