ISIS Releases Message Calling for War on Israel, Jews, and American Christians

FILE – In this March 1, 2017 file photo, an Iraqi soldier inspects a recently-discovered train tunnel, adorned with an Islamic State group flag, that belonged to the former Baghdad to Mosul line, that was turned it to a training camp for IS fighters, in western Mosul, Iraq. (AP Photo/Khalid Mohammed, File)

Despite the death of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in October of last year, the terrorist group has found a new mission: attack and slaughter Jews. In a recording released on Monday, the new ISIS leader Sheikh Abu Ibrahim Al-Hashemi Al-Quarashi exhorted Muslim extremists, according to CBN News.

“Oh soldiers of the caliphate everywhere, especially in beloved Sinai and blessed Syria, go for the Israeli settlements and marketplaces,” he said. “Turn them into lands for testing your weapons and chemical rockets and other types [of weapons]. To the Muslims in Palestine and all countries: Be a spearhead in the war against the Jews and in thwarting their plans and their ‘Deal of the Century.’”

But the threats didn’t stop with the Jewish community. Abu Ibrahim also warned American Christians.

“Oh tyrants of America and worshippers of the Cross: Search for something else in which to rejoice other than your claims of finishing off the Islamic State,” he said. “If you include in your calculations that you managed to win a battle, and that the mujahideen (jihadis) withdrew from it, know that the entire matter is in the hands of Allah…Allah is merely testing his worshippers, to differentiate those who are sincere in their jihad from the insincere ones.”

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Source: Christian Headlines