Gospel for Asia’s ‘Bridge of Hope’ Program Becomes a Second Home for Shy Boy

Each day more than 70,000 needy children across Asia receive a daily meal as well as help with their education as part of Gospel For Asia’s Bridge of Hope program.

One of those who has been transformed by this vital outreach is Zakif. Since he started coming to the GFA-supported Bridge of Hope Centre at the age of 6, it’s been like a second home for him.

Now, at the age of 13, he is a testimony to the centre’s important work in benefiting the children, families and communities it serves.

When he first began attending Bridge of Hope, Zakif suffered from poor health. His family largely depended on his mother’s meager income, while the money his father earned was often used to support the man’s addiction to strong drink. As a result, Zakif’s poor diet mainly consisted of lentils, wheat bread and some vegetables. He also lacked proper clothing and shoes.

A New Opportunity

When the Bridge of Hope staff in his village learned of Zakif’s condition, they offered the boy the opportunity to attend the center. Soon, he was frequently found at the center after his day at the local school. Though he was shy at first, it was clear Bridge of Hope was becoming a haven to the young boy.

During his time at the centre, Zakif received tutoring in all his school subjects, as well as in nutrition, hygiene and how to make friends. Most importantly, he experienced God’s love for him through the Bridge of Hope staff.

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SOURCE: Assist News, Peter Wooding