Former Drug Addict From Kentucky Says ‘Nothing Has Made Me as High as Jesus Does’

Frankie Woodall and Brodhead Celebrate Recovery volunteer Tammy McGuire. (Submitted photo)

A Kentucky man who spent 88 days in jail for his drug addiction says he found freedom in Christ and no longer craves the pills he once loved.

“Ain’t nothing has made me as high as Jesus does,” Frankie Woodall, a former drug user and dealer, told a WRVK-AM Facebook/radio program., a website with national and faith-based news, recounted Woodall’s inspiring journey.

Woodall attends the faith-based Brodhead Celebrate Recovery in Rockcastle County, Ky.

For years, he was hooked on pain pills. When doctors refused to write him a prescription, he went to a suboxone clinic.

“Seven or eight years of using and I kept getting worse and worse,” Woodall said. “They sent me to a suboxone clinic – I did those for three years. It was always trading one for another. Then I turned to meth and it destroyed me. I was trading good friends for bad friends. It took away everything. It made a slave of me.”

Woodall said he never stole to feed his drug addict but constantly worked to make enough money to feed his habit, Kentucky Today reported.

“I worked myself to death. I was paying $300 to $500 every two days [for drugs],” he said.

His arrest was a blessing.

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Source: Christian Headlines