Ethnic Fulfulde Community Experiencing Big Changes After Members Accept Jesus Christ

A fervent Muslim in a north-central African country fanatical about converting Christians to Islam accepted a native Christian ministry’s offer to help translate the Bible into the Ndam language.

The Law of Moses, the Psalms of David and the New Testament Gospels were deemed holy books in the Koran, after all, and Hassan* felt the task was suited to someone of his education and abilities. In the officially secular country where tolerance and cooperation have historically marked relations between Muslims and Christians, Hassan welcomed the opportunity to mingle and discuss Scripture with prospective converts to Islam.

“As he was constantly exposed to the Scriptures at the translating workshop, he ended up accepting Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord,” the leader of a native ministry said. “Right now he is growing through discipleship and constantly interceding for the salvation of his community.”

A woman from an Arab ethnic group who lived in deep fear of evil spirits sought protection from a trinket to use as a kind of guardian fetish.

Fadoul, a woman from an Arab ethnic group, was a devoted Muslim zealous in her practice of Islam who lived in deep, daily fear of evil spirits. To cope she sought protection from a marabout, or Islamic holy man, who gave her a trinket to use as a kind of guardian fetish, the ministry leader said.

“Despite her efforts, she had not found the peace of heart and was under growing fear of bad spirits,” he said. “When she found Jesus at last, it drastically transformed her life. A joy flooded her heart, and her closeness to Christ gives her the force to endure all persecutions and sufferings.”

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SOURCE: Christian Aid Mission