Deaf Christians Can Find a Church Family, Thanks to New Tech

What would your life look like if you couldn’t attend church? What if you didn’t have God’s Word in your heart language? This is the reality for Deaf people around the world, and Deaf Bible Society is stepping in to help.

Through an interpreter, Deaf Bible Society’s Director of Technology, Scott DeLoach, tells MNN the Deaf Bible app and Deaf Church Where? website now work together.  Click here to see a beta version of the Deaf Bible app integration.

“We’re really hoping that the two apps will work in tandem and encourage more Deaf people to be involved and engaged with our products,” DeLoach says.

Why is this important?

Many Deaf people in the West can read English Bibles.  However, since it is a translation of a spoken language, Deaf will not connect with it on the same level as sign language Scripture.  Deaf Bible Society’s Deaf Bible app provides free and easy access to Scripture portions in many of the different sign languages used around the world.  This way, Deaf people can receive the promises of Christ.

However, communication barriers often mean that Deaf believers are stuck in isolation. They may have Scripture access, but many lack a local church family.  “(Deaf) People in general don’t oftentimes go to church. Maybe because they don’t know where the church is; or, they think [the church is] not going to have an interpreted service,” DeLoach explains.

“[Deaf have] very limited options as opposed to people who can hear, [who] can pick any church you want.”

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SOURCE: Mission Network  News, Kevin Zeller


  • Pray that God would use the Deaf Church Where? platform to grow Deaf-friendly churches around the world.
  • Pray that many Deaf would receive the Gospel through the Deaf Bible app.