Pro-Life College Students at 2020 March for Life Say Science and Compassion Will Help Win Fight to Save the Unborn

Young pro-lifers who are leading the March for Life this year say it’s science and compassion that will win the day for the cause to save the unborn.

In a Thursday sit-down interview with The Christian Post at the Renaissance Hotel, several Colorado Christian University students who are carrying the banner at the front of the March for Life this year said they believe that as science continues to advance and as people continue to show compassion to women in crisis pregnancies, the pro-life movement will emerge victorious and culture will change.

Jordan Janson, 21, of Arroyo Grande, California, emphasized that at CCU their pro-life campus group stresses “care for the individuals.”

“I think that has to be at the centerpiece of what we do, as we have to be here for all people at all phases of life, from conception to natural death,” Janson stressed, saying, “it’s an open-arms,” approach.

For Janaya Fulk, 18, from Silt, Colorado, it’s through her nurse midwifery studies at CCU and seeing children being born in birthing rooms and watching their mothers hold them for the first time that has spurred her on.

“I cannot tell you how incredible it is to watch a mother hold her child that she has carried for nine months in the womb. That’s what drives my passion [for life].”

Samantha Oldfather, 20, of Colorado Springs, underscored the role that science is playing in changing people’s minds on abortion. “Science does back the pro-life movement. So whether or not you believe in God or have any religious affiliation, the science proves it.”

She believes that younger generations, even those who are religiously unaffiliated, continue to have an affinity for the unborn in part because they have grown up seeing sonograms.

“My mom has the picture of me hanging up in our house, and even though I wasn’t out of the womb, that is me. It’s hard for those people when they do see those pictures to face the fact that an abortion is heartbreaking. The pictures don’t lie. Science doesn’t lie.”

Katie McTavish of Parker, Colorado, concurs.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Brandon Showalter