James Gottry on Celebrate Life, Not Abortion

From the stage of the Golden Globes to the homepage of The Washington Post, women are praising abortion. What does it all mean, and what are we to do?

Last week, The Washington Post offered this headline: “Five years after an abortion, most women say they made the right decision.”

Researchers questioned 667 women across the country in an effort to determine “how abortion affects women physically, socially, emotionally and economically.” The key reported finding was that, at the five-year mark, 84% of the women surveyed reported primarily positive emotions about their abortions, or none at all. And 99% of women felt they had made the right decision.

Researchers concluded that these results “challenge the rationale for state-mandated counseling protocols…and other policies regulating access to abortion premised on emotional harm claims.”

In other words:

  • Most women report that they don’t regret their abortions.
  • Therefore, there should be unrestricted access to abortion.

Let’s ignore for a moment that the study’s findings have been challenged. Let’s set aside the fact that less than 700 women participated, and that more than two-thirds of the women who were asked to participate in the study refused to do so. Let’s even disregard the significant detail that half of the women who initially agreed to participate later dropped out of the study.

If the results actually demonstrated that women could end the life growing inside of their wombs and then happily carry on their lives with few negative emotions and no regrets, what would it mean?

Would it mean that abortion should now be celebrated as a public good and a personal gain? Or that the 61 million babies aborted in the United States since 1973 were necessary sacrifices to the gods of bodily autonomy and personal convenience?

Would it mean we can forget about the corpses of 2,246 unborn children found at the home of an abortionist last September? Or that selling baby parts for research is nothing more than a shrewd economic venture?

Or would it mean something even worse?

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SOURCE: Christian Post, James Gottry