PTEE Halts Classes Due to Tension in Iran

Believers push forward in Iraq despite U.S.-Iran pressure and internal struggle. MNN spoke with an Iraqi Christian about conditions on the ground, but for security purposes we cannot share his name.

“Other ministries in the church… these ministries are going now… Sunday worship, other meetings for women, the youth, prayers. All ministries are going well,” he says.

Life as an Iraqi Christian

Active ministry is not easy thanks to present circumstances in Iraq. A tit-for-tat battle between the U.S. and Iran is underway on Iraqi soil. A political reshuffle is underway, and power outages are increasingly common.

Yet, believers use every opportunity to share the love of Christ.

“In November, we also visited Tahrir Square [and] distributed the food for the people, and we prayed for the country… for the leaders to get heavenly wisdom,” the Iraqi Christian says.

Along with serving in his church, the Iraqi Christian MNN spoke to partners with Program for Theological Education by Extension or PTEE.  PTEE works with and through local churches to provide theological training to leaders in Arabic-speaking countries around the world.

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Katey Hearth


  • Pray that PTEE classes can start again in March.
  • Pray for Christian political leaders and ask God to give them wisdom over their daily decisions. Pray they will listen to God’s voice and represent well the people they serve.
  • Ask the Lord to protect believers from all dangers when they go out to spread the Gospel among those hungering for Jesus.